Who are we?

The sheer size of the older market now means that it cannot be treated as one group with shared interests; a 55 year old is as far removed from a 90 year old, as they are from a 20 year old, so age is not the common denominator. Gender, location, race, employment status, marital status, health and hobbies all divide and sub-divide this huge group of consumers.

But apart from what divides them, there are also key attributes which unite them, regardless of their personal preferences. The mature consumers are savvy, well-informed and very often opinionated.

We at Owl Media Group recognise that attracting audience attention and engagement is more difficult now than it has ever been, but we feel we have a pretty unique understanding of the mature market space and our audience.

We created the Owl group network to give advertisers the opportunity to engage with older web users as they negotiate later life. We are here to provide relevant and engaging information and to help older people find the answers to life’s questions and to reach important decisions.

Our founders have created an online community of websites, each with a different content strategy, to offer something for everyone. Our site visitors can be as passive or active as they wish.

They can post their own vociferous opinions, or they can keep their counsel and silently agree or disagree with those of others. Most of all, they feel they belong to something. Owl offers them empathy and understanding as they grow older and wiser. They feel like they belong to something.