With a range of homepage and channel level takeover opportunities, we can offer precise, effective, high-impact advertising solutions that demand audience attention, while conveying multiple aspects of your brand messaging.

For a limited period only (bookings made during February 2015), we will give an extra three days of activity on 10-day takeover campaigns at home and channel level.   


For more details contact George Kosa.

Buy one get one free!

The 50+ market is growing and we would like to see your clients grow with it. We have created a package that we know works while providing increased visibility and a boost to brand awareness.

For all sponsorship and tenancy campaigns booked in February, we'll give you another free of charge, that's:

  • Buy one get one free on Channel Sponsorship Strips
  • Buy one get one free on Channel Tenancy Boxes

for more details contact George Kosa.