Real-time Bidding

Real-time bidding (RTB)

Real time bidding has changed the way digital ad space is bought and sold. Owl Media Group simplifies RTB for partner Publishers within the mature market space providing an opportunity to offer site inventory to thousands of RTB based buyers.

Over the past decade agency planners and buyers have bought site specific inventory on a CPM basis in the hope of reaching the right users. This inventory came at pre agreed rates and with pre agreed placements delivered over pre agreed dates. Everybody was happy because it was the only available solution at the time.

Since then we’ve had Ad Networks where inventory could be sold and advertisers were able to run the remnant of their campaign ‘blind’. Yes, you would have a rough idea where your ads were showing but you would have minimal control over when or to whom they were shown. It was far from an exact science!

Today’s display advertising platforms have evolved to the extent that we are now able to target display ads to the specific users who are most likely to be receptive to a brand’s messaging on an impression by impression basis - in real time.


Real time bidding: why it is such a big deal for publishers?

Our supply side platform (SSP) offers partner publishers scope to sell their inventory via an auction mechanism directly from the ad server in real time (via RTB). This provides smaller publishers with a cost and resource effective route to monetise advertising inventory.

Our SSP is integrated with leading demand side platforms (DSP) and ensures a competitive bidding environment and increased opportunity to auction the highest number of ad impressions at the highest available yields. OwlMediaGroup can provide audience extension using high-quality customer data to offer increased geo and demographic depth to your inventory offering, which in turn will bring optimal revenue and yield.

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RTB for advertisers

Display ad buying is no longer about looking at websites and their context and measuring a potential audience behind them. Ad buyers Instead of buying blocks on a CPM basis can now consider and act on every single ad impression, which in the UK means about 2.5 billion impressions per day.

We make available the traffic of our portfolio of niche mature market sites leading real time platforms such as AppNexus, Improve Digital, Open X, Rubicon and Pubmatic. OwlGroupMedia provides access to an engaged older audience and can deliver accross portfolio:

  • Rich media & expandable formats
  • Data overlay
  • PMP first look campaigns
  • Digitally engaged over 50s audience

For more information about our range of programmatic and RTB opportunities contact Michael Hawes on 020 7034 1904.