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Non-display formats

Newsletter & solus reach

The Owl Media Group network of sites can reach 200,000 people through its carefully managed newsletter subscription lists.

This list is available to selected partners for solus activity and sponsorship opportunities. Solus activity can be broadcast as a one-time send, as a sequence of marketing materials or as part of an integrated content package, including advertorial, editorial and sponsorship opportunities. 

In addition to wholly commercial e-comms, we also communicate with our individual site memberships on a weekly or monthly basis (depending on site). Our newsletters are created by our own editorial team; complement the content on the website and driving the individual to specific, targeted pages. Sponsorship and product placement opportunities are available.

Reach: 200,000
Open rate: 10% Average
CTR: 7%

50connect Newsletter
Solus email 1Solus email 2

Data opportunities

Owl Media Group offers data opportunities to select clients via sponsored surveys, solus broadcasts, on-site competitions and embedded forms. Data options are available for 50connect, Olderiswiser and Just Competitions only.   


We have a range of branded content options rangeing from single page promotions to bespoke content hubs. 


We have a flexible package of sponsorship opportunities including:

  • Channel sponsorship
  • Advertorial sponsorship
  • Newsletter sponsorship

Tenancy box

Fixed place promotions consisting of hyperlinked image, title and offer text. Links can be set as internal traffic drivers for activity on Owl Group sites or to move prospects directly to the client's own site.

  • Home page tenancy box
  • Home page Embossed tenancy box
  • Channel tenancy box
  • Newsletter tenancy box
  • Newsletter embossed tenancy box

Examples of display and non-display formats for our network sites can be found here